Tech Mahindra Business Services Group
BSG Tech mahindra

The communications industry, characterised by an ever-changing technology landscape, and is coupled with intense competition and cost pressures, customer loyalty is to be sought with astute business focus, differentiated knowledge and comprehensive learning.

Tech Mahindra, uniquely poised as the world's largest independent provider of network services to Service Providers and Product Vendors, has established credentials as the perfect partner to address current and future needs of the industry.  With 350+ customers and a strong enterprise experience we understand the world of  not only our customers but also their business stake holders which helps us bring in a more rigorous and effective transformation. With over half-billion dollars in revenue, from network services  spread across 60 countries, Tech Mahindra  combines the experience of delivering successful programs in Information Technology (IT) and Network Services (NWS) for more than a quarter century .

Services Providers and Product Vendors have successfully transformed themselves in partnership with Tech Mahindra whether it is to realise better cost structures, to maximise the returns on their assets, to be the first in a market with new offerings, to become more efficient in their operations, to deliver better experience to their customers or to introduce new technologies successfully.

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