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In Building Coverage

Tech Mahindra provides a complete portfolio of products for passive, hybrid and active system solutions. We provide in building solutions for the single operator, as well as initiates multi-operator systems. Tech Mahindra’s solutions can be based on a passive (coaxial) or active (fiber-optic) solution, or a combination of both, depending on the transmitting technologies, customer preference and size of the coverage area.

Tech Mahindra has the capability, know-how and experts implement successfully the full IBS/DAS cycle from planning to execution:

Indoor Coverage Assessment 


Tailoring a site-specific solution considering the needs according to  building constraints, traffic volume and ongoing costs of system operation and maintenance

Indoor Coverage Design and Planning 


Includes planning and integration of multiple operator and  different technologies and frequencies; setting the design for future expansion of new technologies such as LTE and other location based applications

Site Deployment


Full-turnkey operation for the supply, installation and Integration of all system elements

Quality Assurance 


Final Acceptance test and verification of the installation and its performance

Tech Mahindra provides experienced expertise having executed hundreds of in-building projects across its territories for complex commercial projects, sophisticated high-tech office buildings, underground parking lots and tunnels, from small office buildings to high-traffic areas such as convention centers and shopping malls providing operators:

  • Improved quality of service and enhanced network reliability
  • Faster response time and better diagnostics and prompt service restoration
  • Reduction in the frequency outage by identifying and addressing possible network failure before they occur


Network Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2016

Network Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2016

Network Services Offering

Network Services Offering