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With increasing demand for new technologies to improve quality of life, modern cities and municipalities are confronted with a need for real-time response and advanced measures to effectively control challenges. Our smart city solution enables citizens and businesses to operate efficiently in a secure and reliable environment. With its proven services, simple deployment and integrated portfolio provide a commitment to standards ensuring interoperability across a diverse ecosystem of connected smart devices and applications.

Tech Mahindra’s Safe City concept aims to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Command and Control events
  • Consolidate and optimize resources, operations and performance

Tech Mahindra’s profound security concept, supported by its technological know-how, integration expertise and structured approach meets the design, legal, financial and technological aspects for the successful planning, deployment and integration of any Safe City project.

Tech Mahindra’s Added Values

Tech Mahindra’s team specializes in tailoring the solution and implementing cutting-edge technology to deliver the best capabilities in order to alert, divert and handle existing or developing threats in a given area. Discover how our team of experts successfully address the challenges:

Risk Assessment – outlining the basis for the project design and planning

Creating the Infrastructure – Deployment of surveillance and intelligence equipment, installation and integration of communication systems

Creating a smooth and effective control and response system

Tech Mahindra specializes in understanding the technological challenge and operational needs and provides:

On the operational level:

  • A strategic approach supported by necessary modalities and procedures
  • Highly sophisticated integration capabilities for smooth and seamless operation
  • Experience with cutting-edge integrated communications and video management for better command and control
  • Proven field integration and installation skills

On the technical level:

  • Top of the range equipment
  • A suit of solutions for all the defined operational requirements
  • Expert evaluations of all existing disciplines and choosing the best solutions and services
  • Scalable and sustainable Smart and Safe City solutions are a step towards developing an intelligent city


Network Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2016

Network Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2016

Network Services Offering

Network Services Offering