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Primary challenge faced by operators around the globe is cost optimization of current networks, in the face of data explosion, and technology advancements. As we move towards 5G, the heterogeneity of network technologies is going to increase along with demands for additional spectrum.

In many countries across the world, operators acquire spectrum assets through auction processes, mergers and acquisitions. And yet, there is very little analysis that goes in that enables them to assess if their money is well-spent for these transactions. It is imperative for the business therefore to be in full knowledge of its investments and related outcomes.

Tech Mahindra owing to its global exposure and being a true partner to its customer ecosystem is equipped with market knowledge and technical expertise and home grown tools to be able to understand and recommend to its customers on such strategic outcomes. Our portfolio of services under consulting comprise of Merger and Acquisition Consulting, Technical Due Diligence, HetNet Strategy, Frequency re-farming and Spectrum Strategies.

We partner to create positive stories across the board. Merger and Acquisition Consulting, Technical Due Diligence, HetNet Strategy, Frequency re-farming, Spectrum Strategies and maximizing utilization of valuable assets are offered as part of Tech Mahindra’s Strategic Consulting Services.

Cost Optimization


Tech Mahindra enables customers to realize savin​gs of millions of dollars, through our Opex saving programs such as technology sunset, harvesting, audits, & process lifecycle improvement.

Spectrum Strategies


Tech Mahindra provides advanced spectrum consulting services such as Spectrum Re-farming, Re-location, and Spectrum Auction Support to enable CSP’s to maximise efficiencies of its most expensive asset.

Mergers and Acquisitions


Tech Mahindra enables CSP’s develop strong business models in favor of the M&A, through technical & business modeling, using proprietary analytical tools, in a regulatory compliant environment.

Network Strategy Simulation


Tech Mahindra enables customers to save hundreds of millions in Capex investments by validating business plans & strategies through network simulations, by quantifying the impact of investments against performance improvement.

Hetnet Strategies


Tech Mahindra unique HetNet planning & Design approach combined with proprietary tools utilizing social media, CEM, Backhaul & infrastructure database, creates the most cost effective network design that maximizes ROI & customer experience for CSP’s.