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Network Technology Services

Tech Mahindra’s Network Technology Services help Service Providers and Product Vendors to select, validate, integrate, operate and exploit bespoke and standards based technology solutions in a comprehensive manner.

With over 15 years of extensive experience in providing Technology Validation Services, Tech Mahindra has established best practices to set up and operate labs for validating complete solutions (encompassing IT and Network) for state-of-the-art and future technologies. The validation services include support for alpha and beta trials, as well as, cutover testing as the technology is industrialised.

With more than a decade of experience in providing Technology Integration Services, Tech Mahindra integrates discrete components sourced from multiple vendors for the realisation of complete IN solutions, Service Delivery Platforms, Video Solutions,  VoIP solutions, IMS Solutions and SDN/NFV Solutions. Tech Mahindra also provides Managed Services to operate and maintain the solutions.

Built on top of world-leading capabilities in software and Information Technology, Tech Mahindra’s Technology Exploitation Services enables customers to build and operate new applications on top of their network platforms such as SCPs, SDPs, IPTV middlewares and other middlewares.

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Application Development


Tech Mahindra delivers a strong capability around IN, IMS, VAS, IPTV and other middleware platforms to provide Application Development and Maintenance Services.

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Voice , Video , Messaging


Tech Mahindra enables customers to realize best-of-breed solutions for voice, video and messaging services across a large number of partner platforms & tools.

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Network Testing


Tech Mahindra provides a complete range of testing and certification testing from lab certifications to cutover testing including tests on the IT stack and test automation.

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Tech Mahindra helps customers to define a roadmap for SDN/NFV, realise the orchestration and controller platforms and transform their OSS to suit VNF operations.

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