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Tech Mahindra Business Services Group
BSG Tech mahindra

Application Development

Tech Mahindra delivers a strong capability around IN, IMS, VAS, IPTV and other middleware platforms to provide Application Development and Maintenance Services.

We provide IN, MVNO/MVNE, SDP, VAS solutions and services for Telcos and Service Providers to include latest technologies in their ecosystems and to introduce new Line of Business. This includes providing functionalities such as Online Charging Systems, Call Trigger Functions, PCRF, Multi-tenancy platforms, Protocol Converters, Orchestration engines and  SOA based architecture for the functionalities such as Content Management Systems, Charging gateways, API exposure layers, Partner Management System, App stores and Mashups.

We provide the End-to-end services in this domain including Solution Deployment and Integration, Applications Development, Technology Transformation and Operations and Maintenance. We are a product agnostic, innovative System Integrator with global presence and proven capabilities of providing cost conscious solutions.

We have a well-established alliance/partnerships with product vendors whose products are integrated as per requirements or are pre-integrated to create a solution that meets the requirements.  We have experience of having delivered the solutions as per these models.

Application Development