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Network Performance Optimisation

Today’s extremely competitive wireless marketplace is experiencing high Smartphone growth and new network generations are driving an increasingly complex mobile broadband services ecosystem. A key competitive advantage for any operator is to have a keen understanding of how the end-user perceives their Quality of Experience (QoE), which greatly impacts their overall satisfaction.

Tech Mahindra’s Network Performance Optimization services comprises of full life cycle of services starting from performance measurement using drive test and OSS systems, analyzing the performance logs and carrying out appropriate parametric and physical changes in the network to optimize the performance for best customer experience.

The key challenges of network optimization today, that makes it a complex task, include:

  • The heterogeneous nature modern networks
  • Problem in mapping of Network Performance with actual Customer Experience
  • Traditional RAN optimization techniques are labor intensive and OPEX heavy
  • Lack of correlation of performance issues across various network segments

Tech Mahindra’s  solution, that utilizes in-house developed and 3rd party tools, enables operators to capture actual CE (Customer Experience); perform RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of network issues, recommend and implement corrections in an automated manner using Vendor agnostic SON (partner) solutions. The analytics is further  augmented by home grown Analytics platform that can analyze and correlate data from multiple sources to provide actionable intelligence.

Tech Mahindra conducts periodic Benchmarking drives to assess the network performance vis-à-vis competition. This helps identifying areas of improvement which goes as a feedback to optimization decisions. Tech Mahindra is independent from operators, tools vendors or equipment vendors; this gives Tech Mahindra’s Benchmarking Campaigns the value of External and Independent Audit. 

Tech Mahindra brings innovative IT enabled tools and services to deliver higher levels of efficiency and automation. This enables our customers to optimize operational spend and reduce cycle times for complex tasks related to Network Performance Optimization.​


WiView Telecom Operators Module

WiView Telecom Operators Module