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Network Plan and Build

Tech Mahindra’s Network Planning & Build Services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks, by leveraging our extensive global wireless experiences of planning, rolling out and optimizing every type of network (2G/3G/4G).

Tech Mahindra provides the complete range of services from Planning & Design, Site Acquisition, Site Engineering & Construction and Installation & Commissioning.

On the RF part, our versatile dimensioning tools (vendor and technology agnostic) with customized link budget solution ensures that our customers get an accurate site plan.

On core part , we  provide Audit, Planning & Design, System Integration, Lab services, Network Transformation in PS/CS Core, IN,VAS, MVNx, IP-MPLS, Video, SDN/NFV  for specific venues and geographic locations using innovative techniques that dramatically increases accuracy, cuts cost and improves time taken to get the reports.

Tech Mahindra has a mature Network Rollout and Build Practice which focus on Program Managing  the E2E build process .The tools and process used by Tech Mahindra has all the build activities tracked based on agreed guidelines and timelines. Tech Mahindra also uses International safety standards and work within the parameters of the guidelines required of a country or Geography.  All Tech Mahindra Field staff involved in the Build activity are certified for safety and climbing as per the regulatory requirements of the country.

Tech Mahindra has a robust Vendor Eco system that is managed by our Contract Directors who have built an effective vendor eco system in each Geography that is required to support E2E Rollout operations. Challenges of language, skills and local support are all built into Tech Mahindra’s Rollout strategy due to which we have been able to deliver quality projects in Europe, NA and MEA.

Having worked on multiple tools, products and heterogeneous technologies we provide both end to end and point based solutions and help maximise returns by increased level of automation


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RF Services

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